Sunday, August 3, 2014

Introduction to Love Notes

Love Notes is the name of the series of short romance novels written by Raine Gillespie that will be released beginning August 2014. All the novels revolve around music within the small fictional town of Dolce, Montana. Here’s a sneak peek at the first five books in the series . . .

#1: Hearts in Harmony   Elahna Nezario gave up her musical dreams to help run the Queen of Hearts, her mother’s chocolate shop, after her sister’s sudden death. After an unfortunate run-in with Elahna’s childhood crush, owner of the Dolce Theater, not only do her dreams surge back to life, but so does her heart.

#2: Waltzing on Wheels   Meredith Aaron lost all hope for love after a car accident put her in a wheelchair. Who would want her, broken as she is? After her brother tells her to save a dance for him at his wedding, she decides to somehow learn how to dance on the only legs she has left—her wheels.

#3: Healing a Broken Harp   Camille Clark spends her life bringing light to the happiest moments of other couples—playing her harp at weddings and anniversaries. She can’t help but wonder if someone will ever play for her. Will she find her soul mate and walk down that aisle where she has always been sidelined?

#4: Beauty and the Beat   Harley Jackson makes a living busking at Dolce’s parks, drumming on her homemade instrument she calls “the monster,” perfectly content to go it alone. Tristan Harris changes everything when he begins dancing to her rhythmic sound and takes half the donations. But his dance is beautiful, and her instrument is the only beat he can hear. Together, they may have a chance at showing his beauty through her beat.

#5: Dining in Dolce   McKenzie Waters has run her family restaurant, “Dolce’s Delight,” since she was old enough to work, and made it the most popular eatery in town. She’s too busy for a social life and is fine with that. So long as she has the restaurant, her life is complete. Unfortunately, her father has different plans and hires an outsider, Hunger Blackstone, to become her partner and up the quality of food with his culinary experience. But Hunter has his eyes on more than just the restaurant—his heart is captured by the spirited redhead, and he teaches her there’s more to life than food.

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